The following links refer to various press or articles concerning the works of Doron Gazit.

IDEAS.TED.COMArts & Design: Buoyant balloon art that will take your breath away – by Carly Anaimo (May 2017)

KCET ARTBOUNDEnvironmental Artist Doron Gazit Sculpts the Wind – by Sarah Linn (May 2016)

LA WEEKLYHow Three Artists Are Using the Top of an LA skyscraper as Their Canvas – by Gwynedd Stuart (November 2016)

SMITHSONIANTickling the Sky: Israeli designer Doron Gazit has harnessed the wind to create immense visual surprises and … – by Eric Sander (July 2000)

FABRIKShaping the Unseen: Doron Gazit – by Leah Schlackman (July 2016)

SPECIALEVENTS.COMThe Last Word: Doron Gazit is Flying High – by Lisa Hurley (January 2017)

NRDC.ORGWhen a Balloon Maker Becomes an Environmental Artist – by Clara Chaisson (December 2016)

LA FASHION DISTRICTCoral Forest Art Installation debuts in the Fashion District (May 2016)

NOWARTLA.ORGPublic sculpture “Coral Forest” by Doron Gazit and curated by Carmen Zella in Los Angeles Fashion District (April 2016)

LQAF.COMArt Exhibition Speaks for the Salton Sea – by Steven Biller (May 2016)

LA WEEKLYWhat Do These Giant Balloons Have to do with Global Warming? – by Eva Recinos (January 2016)

FABRIK EXPODoron Gazit Installation – Red Line / Burnt Tree: Drawing the Line (January 2016)

ARMORYARTS.ORGDoron Gazit to link Armory adjacent structures with enormous inflatable sculpture – by Armory news (March 2015)

re:FORMBiography of an Inflatable Tube Guy – by Sam Dean (October 2014)