Protesting Art

As an artist, I believe in the power of art and its ability to bring about social political, and environmental changes.

Art, I believe, can advance and energize social movements that may bring about a revolution capable of salvaging the future of the planet. In the past few years, I have been focusing on The Red Line project.

The Red Line is a metaphor for the artery of a Mother Earth that’s crying out for help. I transpose the artery to various places around the world that have been harmed by global warming and destroyed and sundered by humankind’s stupidity. By means of the Line/Artery I anthropomorphize the earth, hoping that this will help us to understand the magnitude of the difficulties and the problems of the body in decline.

Earth is a living, effervescent body—and now it’s dying! The Line is minimalistic, very simple, graspable, and immensely powerful. Nature becomes a massively sprawling canvas.

The Red Line is a red flag. By wielding it, I try to tug at the viewer’s heart and convey a grim message about the colossal disasters that this earth is experiencing. I try to tell you that each of us must become an activist and a participant in the struggle to save our future.

The Red Line is my artery and yours—ours.

Environmental Demonstrations

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Red Line projects in the Dead Sea

Red Line project in Alaska 2016

Demonstration at Maayan Zvi beach

Political Demonstrations

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Political Demonstrations Jerusalem

Red Line Political Demonstrations

Political Demonstrations Posters

Demonstration in Rabins square