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Red Line Projects > Villa Di Maser

Red Line Projects > Villa Di Maser

The exhibition, Casa Di Vita, is taking place at the Villa Di Maser which is located about 60 km northwest of Venice, Italy. It was curated by Simonetta Gorreri and Giovanna Poggi Marchesi of Art Life For the World.

The Villa was designed in the year 1550 by the architect Andrea Palladio.

In my environmental art the Red Line is a metaphor for the blood vein of Mother Nature. I am drawing with this Red Line in locations around the world devastated by global warming and MGAS (Man’s Greed, Arrogance and Stupidity).

The Red Line project in Villa Di Maser is a memorial to the devastation of the Vaia storm in the Cansiglio forest (29-10-19 in Northern Italy). During this storm, over one night, 14,000,000 trees collapsed and 17 people were killed. It was the most powerful storm in the history of Italy. All because of global warming.

The structures holding the Red Line are made of aluminum water pipes from the abandoned farm next door.

These chaotic structures represent the industrial society we have created and the distractive relationship we have developed with nature. The branches and roots on top are from the Cansiglio forest and represent the devastated environments and nature that has been destroyed around the world because of global warming. The Red Line is saying…. enough is enough!!!

Big thank you to Doron Polak for believing in my work and opening this big and beautiful door of opportunities for me.

Site visits at Cansiglio forest 2/5/19 & 7/6/19

Planing & Drawings